1 apr 2013

Cyberterrorism and technological investigations

Please find below two articles on technological investigations and cyberterrorism (one in English and one in Portuguese)

1. R. FLOR, Perspective for new types of "technological investigation" and protection of fundamental rights in the Era of Internet. The so-called "cyberterrorism" as a prime example, between problems of definition and the fight against terrorism and cybercrime (51-76)
Published in
Fernando Pérez Alvarez (ed.), Delito, pena, politica criminal y tecnologìas de la informatiòn en las modernas ciencias penales, Salamanca, 2012
Keywords: international terrorism,cyberterrorism,cybercrime,fundamental rights

2.  R. FLOR , Perspectiva para novos modelos de “investigação tecnológica” e proteção de direitos fundamentais na Era da Internet.– O chamado “ciberterrrorismo” como um primordial exemplo, em conjunto a problemas de definição e a luta contra terrorismo e os crimes cibernéticos

The threat of "cyber-terrorism" and the use of Internet for terrorist purposes are particularly alarming, primarily because of the strong dependence of the current social, economic and political order on the global network. Two main assumptions should be considered: 1) the role that Internet and the new technologies can play in preparing or committing crimes; 2) the role of Internet and the new technologies can play in the fight against crimes. The objective of this work is to identify some high standards to provide a specific regulation for new types of investigation, ensuring respect for fundamental rights, starting from a a prime example: the fight against “cyberterrorism”.

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