4 set 2012

International Conference on Criminal Liability for Serious Traffic Offences

On Friday 7 September 2012, the Department of Criminal law and Criminology of the University of Groningen and the Groningen Centre for Law and Governance hosted an international conference on criminal liability for serious traffic offences, in Groningen, the Netherlands.

The road traffic law of several European countries has been amended quite extensively over the last few years, widening the scope of traffic offences and increasing the maximum penalties. The conference focused on these trends, as well as on the doctrinal underpinnings and complexities of traffic offences from a Dutch and comparative perspective.
Topics included: the lower limit of criminal negligence, liability for (attempted) voluntary manslaughter in case of dangerous driving, sentencing issues, role and influence of victims and psychological aspects of dangerous driving.


  • Prof. Marc Groenhuijsen, professor of criminal law, chairman of the International Victimology Institute Tilburg, Tilburg University
  • Prof. Manuel Cancio Meliá, professor of criminal law, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
  • Prof. Karel Brookhuis, professor of traffic psychology, University of Groningen
  • Dr. Sally Cunningham, senior lecturer in criminal law, University of Leicester
  • Marie-Aimée Brajeux, PhD candidate, Queen Mary University of London
  • Dr. Ingke Goeckenjan, lecturer in criminal law, University of Osnabrück
  • Prof. Roberto Flor, assistant professor of criminal law, University of Verona
  • Dr. Marius Duker, senior lecturer, VU University Amsterdam
  • Dr. Hein Wolswijk, senior lecturer in criminal law,University of Groningen
  • Dr. Alwin van Dijk, lecturer in criminal law, University of Groningen

Organization committee

Hein Wolswijk
Alwin van Dijk
Esther Gerringa
Leonie Ettema
Carien de Jager
Ineke Groefsema (PAO)

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