21 mar 2010

OCTOPUS INTERFACE CONFERENCE 2010: cooperation against cybercrime

From 23 to 25 March I'll participate as Italian expert, since 2004, at the Octopus Interface 2010, Council of Europe, Strasbourg.

There will be workshops on:

Effective measures against the sexual exploitation and abuse of children on the internet

The Convention on Cybercrime as a global framework

Cybercrime training for judges and prosecutors

Law enforcement responsibilities: the role of high-tech crime units, CERTs/CSIRTs, registries and registrars

Mapping networks against cybercrime

Technical cooperation against cybercrime

My presentation will be on "Globalization, criminal law and fundamental rights: the impact of the decisions of the Bundesverfassungsgericht and the Curtea Constitutionala". The presentation is available HERE.

The conference will be held in room 1 and room 2 at the Council of Europe main building (Palais).

All sessions will be open to the media.

The conference will be held in four languages: English, French, Russian and Spanish (plenary and workshop sessions in Room 1 only). Sessions in Room 2 will be held in English only.

UPDATE materials and presentations: CLICK HERE

For the programme please click HERE


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