16 set 2009

The XVIII International Congress of Penal Law

The principal challenges posed by the globalization of Criminal Justice

Istanbul, 20-27 September 2009

I will participate, as a member of AIDP, at the The XVIII International Congress of Penal Law, which will take place in Istanbul, from 20 to 27 September.
Please, find below the presentation of the President of AIDP, Jose Luis DE LA CUESTA

" Dear Colleagues,
I have the honour to announce with great pleasure that the International Penal Law Association will organise its XVIIIth International Penal Law Congress in Istanbul, from 20 to 27 September 2009.
First of all, I would like to thank the Turkish National Group of our Association for all their efforts for organizing the Congress in order to provide a marvellous greeting and a great hospitality during the event.
The International Penal Law Congress constitutes, in fact, an excellent occasion to exchange experiences and to develop contacts. The resolutions discussed and approved by the Congress, since 1926, always had a great influence on the legislative development both at the national and international level. And that will be the case with regard the XVIIIth Congress, where the scientifique debates will be on four important challenges brought before the penal law and the criminal justice, through globalisation:

- The enlargement of the notions of preparatory acts and participation (Section I)
- The finance of terrorism (Section II)
- The special procedural measures and respect for human rights (Section III)
- The principle of universal jurisdiction (Section IV)

In line with the tradition of AIDP, these subjects have been prepared at the Preparatory Colloquia during which the national rapporteurs appointed by the national groups of the Association met with the general rapporteurs in order to discuss and agree upon the aspects indicated by the Scientifique Committee of the Association for the purpose of presenting the Congress with propositions of resolutions. The young penalists have also worked on these subjects.

As a final point, the realisation of the Congress is a very important event for our Association. At the occasion of the Congress, the General Assembly of the AIDP will meet and proceed to the election of the President, the Executive Committee of the Association, as well as the members of the Board of Directors for the next five years to come.

The organisation committee will put all its efforts in order to make sure that the Congress, as of your arrival to Istanbul, be a forum that will allow you to express freely your opinions and to discuss in depth.

The Congress will take place in a fabulous hotel. In order to introduce the history and daily life of marvellous Istanbul, social programmes, visits and tourist excursions will also be proposed.

With the hope of meeting you all in Istanbul, in September 2009".

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