10 mag 2009

Identity infringements: a new cybercrime?

In Norway there exists a Bill on a new Criminal Law (2008-2009), which has introduced, in § 202, a provision on identity theft - Identity Infringements - that reads as follows:
“With a fine or imprisonment not exceeding 2 years shall whoever be punished, that without authority possesses of a means of identity of another, or acts with the identity of another or with an identity that easily may be confused with the identity of another person, with the intent of a) procuring an economic benefit for oneself or for another person, or b) causing a loss of property or inconvenience to another person.” (this translation is not official).
There is a new perspecitve in the fight against ID crimes and also in the fight against ID-related Fraud.
I don't know if this provision is a good example of best practices. But it could be a first step in a right direction.

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