30 mag 2008

Terrorism in Cyberspace

News about cybercrime

Research Program:
Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches und internationales Strafrecht
The starting point of Prof. Sieber’s research can be found in the social changes associated with the terms “global society,” “information society,” and “risk society.” New challenges to criminal law emerge with these changes. The evolving criminal landscape is characterized by increasingly transnational elements of crime, a high risk potential, and a considerable degree of complexity, developments that are especially apparent in the areas of economic crime, organized crime, and terrorism.
Author: Prof. Ulrich Sieber
Reference: Sieber, Ulrich / Brunst, Phillip: Cyberterrorism and Other Use of the Internet for Terrorist Purposes – Threat Analysis and Evaluation of International Conventions. In: CODEXTER (Council of Europe, Strasbourg), 2007, Issue⁄Volume 3, p. 4 - 77.

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